Beyond Brokers, We’re Looking For World-Class Advisors

Being an independent consultant can be really rewarding, especially when you’re able to give quality attention to your clients– the kind they deserve. But it can also be challenging to be on your own for everything, all the time. That’s why CORE Benefits exists.

We’re an alliance of independent advisors, united by the philosophy of smarter service, smarter options and smarter savings for our clients.

Just The Right Amount Of Support, With None Of The Interference.

Sometimes, it helps to have people you can count on, people who you know are fellow professionals vetted for their expertise and values, just like yours. But CORE also understands that your business is your focus, and we’re focused on our independent practices, too. It’s an arrangement that only works when everyone shares the same outlook. It makes everyone more efficient and guarantees you partners you can trust, whenever you need them.